What Kate’s clients say…

I first got in contact with Kate during Lockdown; I was having difficulty with my anxiety over my health issues. The meditation MP3 that Kate sent to me is a great help and I still use it to this day, especially when I feel myself spiralling down the negativity path. I had weekly hypnotherapy sessions with Kate for a few months with remarkable improvements. The difference in me both mentally and emotionally; it is like I am a different person.

I believe if I hadn’t got in contact with Kate, I would still be stuck in the vicious cycle of negativity and anxiety. It is in my opinion that Kate has given me my life back, which a simple Thank you will never be enough to repay her. Just knowing Kate is on the end of a phone or email for me, supporting me, gives me the courage to move forward and if I were to struggle I know I can have more hypnotherapy as and when needed.

I would gladly recommend her highly to everyone. All I can say is don’t suffer in silence, reach out and get the help you need. Kate is kind, caring, compassionate and gives you the time and space to address your needs. Kate goes at your pace and never forces anything you are not comfortable with.

Kate is an amazing therapist. Thank you Kate.

– Anita, Bristol

“I contacted Kate directly when I was unable to attend a day workshop that I had booked and I’m so glad I did!Kate is a lovely person with a fantastic knowledge of how the brain works.
She spent time sharing her knowledge in such an easy, accessible way, that I’m now able to understand what makes me me!  This, along with hypnotherapy, has opened a whole new way of dealing with day to day issues. Thank you so much Kate!”

– Rose, Somerset

“Kate has worked with me over several months as I have sought to address issues around self confidence, anxiety and work related stress. Over that time I have felt affirmed, encouraged and challenged to move forward and progressively become my own person. Kate has a very easy manner and explains the functioning of the brain with clarity. This brings the science behind behaviours to life in a way that facilitates change. I thoroughly recommend Kate if you are looking to address issues that have always held you back.”

– John, Bristol

“I’ve had hypnotherapy before, but Kate took this to a completely different level. Not only has she injected me with confidence, but she has changed my understanding of how my brain works too.

Kate is a gifted hypnotherapist who is highly professional, and who is also a genuinely lovely person, with an abundance of positivity and great listening skills. I always looked forward to our sessions and felt refreshed and recharged afterwards.

I could not recommend her any more strongly.”

– Tom, Bristol

“I met Kate when the stresses of balancing an increasingly hectic work situation with the rest of my life were becoming hard to handle. As someone who was fairly cynical about this type of therapy, I was blown away with the refreshingly warm yet focused approach Kate took.

Having worked through a wide range of interconnecting issues around self-confidence, ability to balance work and life, making the most of my strengths, and pursuing a more fulfilling route in life; Kate enabled ME to make my own key decisions. The way in which I approach a problem has drastically changed and Kate even manages to make you feel like it’s easy!

If you want a soft, understanding, focused, happy and ultimately effective professional to get you to the point you need to be, you need not look beyond Kate Jordan.”

– Mark, Bristol

“Hypnotherapy with Kate helped me to become a non-smoker!

I had tried to quit smoking many times before, however never managed to fully rid myself of the cravings. I would always end up back where I started. I decided it was time get some help to stamp it out.

I booked a session with Kate. She made me feel very welcome and relaxed from start to finish. Everything was explained in a way I could understand and I was always made aware of what was going to happen next. This made for an enjoyable, relaxed session. I left with the knowledge I needed to understand how certain parts of the mind work and how to take control of my cravings.

During the following few weeks it became clear to me and my friends and family that I was no longer just another smoker trying to quit. I was simply a non-smoker!

I would like to thank Kate for helping me to rid myself of my smoking habits which, in turn, has given me confidence I need to achieve goals in other areas of life!”

– James from Bristol.

“I am a singer-songwriter and over the years I have struggled through numerous experiences, where the unpleasant symptoms of performance anxiety have hindered my ability to play my guitar and sing in public. At times the symptoms have been almost paralysing, and although I have worked on these issues to a point, where in recent years they have been far less of a problem, when I was booked to play Glastonbury Festival 2105 for the first time, the anxiety started to resurface pretty quickly!

Determined to do whatever I could to make sure I was at my best at the festival, I decided to see Kate on a friend’s recommendation. I had never had hypnotherapy before, but felt open to trying anything that might help.

I had three sessions with Kate in the month prior to the festival and the internal transformation was absolutely amazing. After just the first session, the adrenaline kicks I used to get in the pit of my stomach, when thinking about the performance stopped completely. The sessions with Kate were fascinating! Learning about how my brain works made so much sense! This deeper understanding in turn gave me practical tools, which helped me stay relaxed and positive about the performance. My vision of how I wanted the experience of playing Glastonbury to be was so accurate it was spooky!

I can also feel the experience of hypnotherapy having a positive effect in other areas of my life. It’s empowering, liberating and I am so grateful for the change Kate enabled in me, that I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Ella, singer, Glastonbury Festival.

“I first went to see Kate because I was intrigued by what she does and with a vague idea that I was feeling more stressed at work than I have ever been.

Having talked through her approach and trying her CD, Kate helped me understand ways she could help me. One was by helping me understand tools to handle stress and another was over a long running fear of heights.

Kate offered a patient and very supportive approach that helped me look on all the positive things going on in my life, which in turn boosted my confidence. I noticed very soon how much I had been dwelling on negatives rather than the positive ways I was dealing with challenges/setbacks and all the positive things that happen every day with my family, in my environment and at work.

I have since put myself forward for a really exciting career move – Kate helped me prepare for the interviews by helping me see the positives that others see in me and to get me thinking about the image I want to portray. I made and then grabbed the opportunity and was successful in obtaining that role and am really excited as I start it.

I have also walked up and down staircases in atrium offices – something I would have always hidden away from before. I am still nervous, but I have done it … those that know me have recognised that achievement!

Kate’s approach is subtle – she helps you understand how to achieve results – and I highly recommend her.”

– Andrew, Bath.

“Kate’s calm, patient demeanour helped to relax me almost immediately. She identified my triggers, addressed them directly and was able to provide some alternative responses to those triggers.

The pre-recorded relaxation CD, using her own voice, was especially invaluable in between my sessions with her. I still like to listen to it!

Kate is a warm, professional individual who I would not hesitate in recommending for hypnotherapy sessions. She is passionate about what she does, available for support, and very knowledgeable about her speciality… the brain!”

– Jo, Bath.

“Hypnotherapy with Kate was excellent. Over the sessions, my perspective shifted on certain challenges I was facing at work and in relationships. Her explanation of the brain enabled me to take more control of my responses to some of the things that had caused me upset in the past.

Kate was a wonderful listener and showed great depth of understanding.”

– Ruth, Somerset.

“Meeting Kate and experiencing her work has been so incredible to my self-esteem and self-belief. The work we have done together has helped me move from a stressful time in my life – overcoming health and work issues.

I cannot thank and recommend her enough. I have never felt better in my life. I’m healthier (emotionally, mentally and physically) and possess strong emotional resilience. Thank you, Kate, for helping me reconnect with the real me. You are awesome!!!!!”

-Sarah, Bristol.

“I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. She is very professional and thorough and motivated to help others. I saw Kate to help me relax more, be less highly strung and experience less stress and anxiety. She definitely helped me achieve this. I left her sessions with a sense of calm and purpose.

I found the CD she prepared for me to listen to at home particularly useful to help me achieve a peaceful and long night’s sleep. Thanks Kate – I’m a very happy client.”

– Beth, Bristol.

“I went to see Kate as I was feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed in my life. I had a lot going on personally and it was affecting my day to day functionality.

Kate always made me feel very comfortable and I really liked how she took the time to explain how the brain works and how hypnotherapy can help, it made me understand why I behave the way I do sometimes!

Her soothing voice always relaxed me and at the end of each session I always felt 10 times better than when I arrived! I think she’s an amazing story teller as well, she tells amazing stories!”

– Rachel, Bristol.

‘I have always suffered from low self-confidence, and so when I started a new job, I started seeing Kate to get some help with improving my confidence and settling into my new role.

Kate is incredibly welcoming and the environment we meet in very relaxing and comfortable. She really links the theory and science to real life and explains how the brain works in an easy to understand and memorable way. I always leave the session relaxed and feeling positive, and the CD helps me relax in the evenings.

I definitely feel like I’ve started the journey of improving my confidence with thanks to Kate, and I shall miss our weekly sessions! Thank you Kate.’

– Jenny, Bristol.